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Winter Woollies Time is Here

Tweed adult owl hat 2


Thats it folks – this is the time of year I love – well love them all really but I love it when the Winter Woollies can finally come out and get worn.  And for a Knitter it is a time of bliss.

My needles can be clicking away creating lovely hats, cowls, scarves and mitts for all ages, male or female – if you feel the chill and cold – knitters like me love it – we can play with yarn and create some gorgeous winter woollies for you to wear.


This is a picture of a Cowl I created in 100% Alpaca yarn – this yarn is sourced locally literally on my doorstep less than 2 miles from me in Halton/Knowsley area – wonderful Alpaca fleece is taken and created and spun into stunningly gorgeous soft yarn – this is softer than Cashmere, I feel more rich to the touch than Cashmere – warmer than anything (yet believe it in the summer cool as well) it also has a quality that many do not have which is allergen free – in that it is perfect for newborn babies to those with a really sensitive skin to wools and many other natural fibres. I knit this up and its perfect for any one to wear and makes a perfect gift any time of the year.  Its a custom make and limited to this Cream colour, a more Beige / Fawn colour and a Taupe 🙂

I am made up that Woollen hats and mitts are making a huge come back – you see them in all the shops – hand knitted (but not as mass produced in China – sorry china ) and many do not use the gorgeous range of wools and yarns that we have here both locally to me in Halton & cheshire and in the UK – Alpaca, Merino, Sheeps wool and so forth. Wonderful fibres that are just perfect for you to wear throughout the chilly autumn days and evenings through to even the coldest winters days and nights.

Ladies Finger less gloves 1

So my aim is to get people back wearing wonderful creative Winter Woollies Knits – for young and those not so young alike.  Bright colours as well as Autumnal Colours – beautiful, stylish and in many ways very modern twists to timeless pieces.

I do not care what hat or head piece it is – kids and even  big kids love the character winter woollies

Minion hats - junior sizing

From a Minion hat from favourite Movies like Despicable Me 1 & 2 – to Frozen and many others


Why not pop over to my shop or if the items are not uploaded there just yet contact me on my FB page –

   ask me about the wonderful Winter Woollies that I can create for baby, toddler, children, teenager and adult sizing – using good quality yarn                sourced in many cases very locally but definitely within the UK.

Have fun with the Winter Woollie – whether for you, your partner or kids – enough but just stay and keep warm.