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Joys and Benefits of Knitting

I have been knitting and crocheting from I was probably about 6 or 7 years of age.

knitting needlesI was taught at an early age by my nanny back in Northern Ireland where I grew up and it was a skill and craft that was handed down in each generation from the one before.

I found very early on the Joys and Benefits of Knitting and it quickly became a life long hobby and passion of mine – I am not sure I have passed it on as I actually have not taught my daughter to knit – but that is another story and another blog another day.

Knitting and crocheting has become popular again and so much so that you now hear of many celebrities – male and female – who love to knit and are often seen with their knitting bag, needles and wool on set or in public knitting away.  I can think of some who are local to our shores in the United Kingdom – former Spice Girl Geri Haliwell



can often be seen knitting away as well as our very own favourite Royalty Kate Middleton
has recently said that she too has taken up knitting as a new hobby – possibly as she awaits the imminent arrival of baby number 2.  KateKnitBut having such celebrities both here in UK and America celebrating their hobby has really helped it resurgence.  What common hobby is shared by Madeleine Albright, Goldie Hawn, Russell Crow and thousands of other men and women across the country? The answer may surprise you. It’s knitting, a handicraft that is growing in popularity.

But I have to say there is also a growing number of Knit and Natter groups springing up all over the country, Knit n Bitch groups (I prefer the Knit and Natter lol) as well as Yarn bombing and extreme Yarn Groups – which really shows how big the age old hobby and craft has come back and come back with a great new modern twist.KnitNatter_LOGO-DES_V2-04

This all aside the Joys and Benefits of Knitting run deep – not just are all these new and old knitters and crocheters coming together and enjoying one anothers company but for me there are now a new generation wanting to learn how to knit and crochet and it is there that I am passionate aobut and love to see young ones taking up their needles and wool and deciding what they will start to knit and what project they are going to work on next.  Whether you are knitting for a baby, yarn bombing the local trees in the town or benches , or knitting for friends and family to keep the costs down at christmas or just fancy making yourself a new hat or scarf for those winter months.  What is wonderful is that more people are interested in knitting and crocheting.

Research shows that besides the obvious advantage of creating useful articles and garments, knitters enjoy a host of health benefits both physical and psychological.

  1. Knitting allows you to steep yourself in creativity and forget the stress and anxiety of your day. Being actively engaged in a project about which you are passionate and interested, allows the brain to immerse itself fully in the task, producing a feeling similar to a runner’s high.
  2. The rhythmic motion of knitting has been proven to change the brain chemistry so as to decrease bad stress hormones and increase the release of such good mood hormones as serotonin and dopamine.
  3. The process of learning to knit helps you feel good about yourself and enhances your sense of self esteem. As you master more difficult stitches and patterns, you gain the confidence to try other new things in your life.
  4. Crafts like knitting engage both your mind and body, causing optimistic feelings about your life and future. Knitters also tend to be more social and outgoing, especially as they interact with others who share their passion.

Knitting has been named a “natural anti-depressant” in CNN’s report, as crafters receive a surge of dopamine while their hands work.

 One study of more than 3,500 knitters, published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, where 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. More than half reported feeling “very happy.”

The benefits of knitting isn’t a new topic among psychologists. At a TED talk in 2004, psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi noted then when a person is completely absorbed by an activity, nothing else seems to matter.Knitting is new yoga

“When we are involved in (creativity), we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life,” Csikszentmihalyi said. “You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears. You forget yourself. You feel part of something larger.” (taken from the Huffington Post UK by Rachel Moss 26/03/14)

So you can see that there are quite a few health benefits to knitting and getting involved in crafts in general.

But also for me there is a great Joy as well as benefits with knitting – I love to see people pleased and happy with what I have knitted and it gives me great joy to knit and make things both for family and friends as well as my  lovely clients also.

Knitting makes me happy, in turn I like to make others happy by knitting for them – my sister and her 2 children I use as my guinea pigs to be honest or knitting models should I refer to them – not only do I get to give them lovely garments and toys but also see their mum so pleased with the present to them – I love seeing babies and children in hand made knits and clothes – the time , love and effort is quite priceless to be honest.


So as you can see there are many Joys and Benefits of Knitting and I urge you all to go out find yourself a Knit and Natter or Knitting Group – and if there are none Start one and get together with other lovely like minded crafters and you will be surprised what you can do. I love meeting with fellow knitters, chatting about the normal everyday things but also we can discuss if knitting for a special cause or local hospital as well as sharing ideas of new ranges that I might bring into my craft business.  But most of all the friendship and enjoyment of sharing my craft and hobby with others who like me just love to knit and crochet.


Enjoy and have fun and thank you for reading the Knitting ramblings of a very happy  Knitting Fairy x