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Free Adult Minion Hat Knitting Pattern

This is a simple and basic knitting pattern for an adult Minion hat.  If your children are jealous, you can adapt this pattern or use a similar childs basic knitting pattern for a beanie hat to make them a Minion hat too.

I use felt for the eyes for this Minion on the hat – I feel for me it makes the hat feel then able to be worn by male or females.  If you can crochet you can make the eyes that way.  For those of you just starting out on your knitting, this adult minion hat would be a perfect basic knitting project to have fun with.

The Minion hat is made using stocking stitch and uses chunky yarn.  If you do not have chunky yarn in colours you want – then use 2 balls of double knitting yarn using the yarn together. This makes the hat a little bigger and a little more chunky but perfect for adult heads.  It is a thick but supple hat and can be close fitting so giving perfect extra warmth but also fun.  I can guarantee you will not be missed when wearing your knitted Minions hat!

How to Knit a Minion Hat

This Minion hat knitting pattern is perfect for you if new to knitting.  The pattern has simple shaping and I show you step by step photos of what you need to do and it all knits up very quickly.

Right what do you need:

  • 1 x 100g balls of chunky knitting yarn or 2 x 50g balls of double knitting yarn worked together
  • 1 x 5.5 mm knitting needles or 6 mm knitting needles if you feel need them for double knitting yarn being worked together
  • Felt – grey, white and black.  Enough to make 2 large eyes depending on size you wish to make or 1 large central eye – depending on whether you want a 2 eyed Minion or 1 eyed Minion.
  • Needle and matching coloured thread to the felt.

I use Cornflower Blue, Canary Yellow and Black yarn.  You can choose the shades of blue and yellow that you like and feel are Minion shades.

Yarn for Minion hat - cornflower blue, canary yellow and black double knit or chunky knit yard

Cornflower blue, canary yellow and black yarn for adult Minion knitted hat


Abbreviation                           Meaning

sts                                             Stitches

K                                                Knit (number after this refers to how many stitches to knit)

K2tog                                        Knit next 2 stitches together as one stitch (decreases the number of

stitches by 1)

[ ]                                             Repeat instructions within [ ] as specified by the instruction directly

following the bracket.

Minion Hat Knitting Pattern:

To make 1 hat

Using 5.5 mm needles cast on 74 stitches – using Cornflower blue yarn (or any blue colour of your choice)

Work 6 rows of K1, P1 rib

Knit 6 blue rows for Minion "dungrees" on hat

Start knitting your Minion hat by casting on 74 stitches of blue yarn

Then break off the blue yarn and starting with a knit row using canary yellow or yellow of choice, work 14 rows.

Break canary yellow yarn and using black yarn knit 4 rows – knitting 1 row and purling next row. Total stocking stitch 18 rows so far.

Break black yarn and using canary yellow yarn knit 6 rows – total stocking stitch rows so far 24 rows.

Knitted Minion hat - shape the crown

Shape the crown of the Minion hat all in canary yellow yarn

Shape Crown: all completed in Canary Yellow yarn

Row 1 :  K2, [K2 tog, K6] repeat to end (65 sts)

Row 2:   Purl to end

Row 3:   K2, [K2tog, K5] repeat to end (56 sts)

Row 4:  Purl to end

Row 5:  K5 [K2tog, K4] repeat to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1 (47sts)

Row 6:  Purl to end

Row 7:  [K2tog, K3] repeat to last 2 sts, K2tog (37sts)

Row 8:  Purl to end

Row 9:  K1, [K2tog, K2] (28 sts)

Row 10:  Purl to end

Row 11:  K1, [K2tog, K1] (19 sts)

Row 12:  Purl to end

Row 13:  K1, [K2tog] repeat to end (10 sts)

Break off yarn, thread yarn through remaining stitches and secure. Pull tightly but leaving long enough tail so you can sew up the hat afterwards.

To Make up the hat

Carefully sew using back stitch down the hat.  Joint neatly, matching colours to matching colours and ensure that the seam cannot be seen on the outside of the hat i.e. sew the purl row side of the hat not the knit row side.

Now the add Minion eyes and finishing details

Using your grey felt, cut 2 round circles.  I use the underside of a cup or a mug about 8 cms diameter.

creating the felt Minion eyes

Using grey felt, cut out grey Minion eyes

Next using your white felt, cut 2 round circles that will fit inside the grey circles with about 1/2 cm gap around the outside showing the grey.  This can be a bit of trial and error to get the sizes you want for your Minions eyes. Sew around the white felt onto the grey felt circles using a running stitch with white thread. Keep it neat and tidy.

Minion hat felt eyes step 2

Cut out white felt circles roughly 1/2cm diameter smaller to fit inside grey circles

Next using your black felt – cut 2 smaller round circles that will fit inside the white circles. Again sew into place on the white and grey felt using black thread and keep it neat and tidy.

minion hat felt eyes step 3

Cut out smaller black felt circles and stitch into place

Then position your eyes onto your completed Minion hat along the black band as per main picture.  Sew into place using grey thread.  Double the thread to make it stronger and use a back stitch or a running stitch, whichever you prefer – but sew onto the yarn hat and secure into position.

Securely sew the felt eyes onto the black band on the Minion hat

Securely sew the felt eyes onto the black band with grey thread

Next take your black yarn and sew using a running stitch onto your hat a smily mouth with upturned edges.  Place either at side of face facing down wards or in middle as per picture between the 2 eyes.  Position the Minion mouth where you feel it is quirky and fun.

Secure your running stitches by going back on the stitches until you get the design you want and are happy with.  Do not pull too tight.

Use black yarn for Minion hair detail

Using black yarn, finish your Minion hat with some hair detail

Then to finish your Minion hat off – taking your black yarn again – make hair on the top of the hat on the top of the crown.

I put a double layer of black yarn on the crown – taking it through the top, back stitching and then leaving a 5 cm or 6 cm tail on either side – do as many as you wish to make the design your own.

And that is the design and completed Minion hat.

Have fun with it and enjoy making them up.  If you feel the hat is a bit smaller or bit snug – increase the size of your needles from 5.5 mm to 6 mm knitting needles.

If you feel you want to move the black yarn band on the design then work this out across the stocking stitch part of the main body of the hat.  I used 24 rows but you might want to make a longer rim in blue to fold over.  Make the body 24 – 28 rows – some people like a larger hat or longer hat.

Play with it and don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and make your Minions to how you want them to look just perfectly for you.

No time to knit a Minion hat?

If you really feel… “I need a knitted Minion hat but I’m not able to make one or have no time!” – then why not contact me. I can knit you your very own child or adult knitted Minion hat to order.

Email or message on Facebook  –

Happy Knitting – Knitting Fairy – Sharon

Please note – this is a free pattern – happy to share and for you to use to knit gifts, presents or give away to friends and family.

Please seek permission from myself if you wish to knit these for charity – again to sell for charity is great and good luck in all your fundraising.

Please do not use this pattern to knit for personal gain – this is not to be used for commercial purposes and in all cases if advertising or showcasing your creations please refer back to myself as designer and recognise PptfKnitting Emporium for the design of the pattern.

Thank you

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Free adult sized Minion hat knitting pattern - how to knit a Minion beanie hat